Thank you for your participation in our fundraising efforts. WVGS benefits significantly from your generosity. For example, the Staples fundraiser contributes approximately 50% of the office supply fund. While the aluminum cans raise the equivalent of the technology budget. The Fry's rewards program also brings in a significant contribution. Please continue to support WVGS by participating in any of these programs.


If you have any suggestions for a fundraiser or any questions please send them to and someone will get back with you.

Coke Rewards Program

All Coke products are offering Rewards Points on them. You will find the rewards points #s/coupons on the bottle caps & inside the card-board cartons. Save the caps &/or clip the coupons; turn them in to us at either the library or the general meetings. When we have reached enough points we can receive Coupons with no expiration dates on them that we can use for several of our drawings. Any questions please contact and we will get back with you.


Ink Pens, 7 different colors all with black ink. Selling for $1.00 each; available at the library and our general meetings.


Lanyards, 4 different colors. Selling for $3.00 each; available at the library and our general meetings.


Lanyard & Flash/Thumb Drive sets only available at both the library & general meetings for $10.00 a set.

Sack Lunch with your favorite Ancestor

Every third Monday of the month (except December) between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, you can "lunch with your Ancestor" at the library. Please bring a sack lunch. A drink and dessert will be provided. Please sign up at the Library. Put 'research' after your name if you intend to stay until 3 pm. We ask a $3.50 donation for the Library.

WVGS Library Cookbook

The "Flavors of Our Heritage" cookbook is a compilation of favorite recipes submitted by WVGS members and friends. It is available in CD only for $5.00. Click Here for more info.

Amazon Smile Rewards Program

WVGS is now a part of the Amazon Smile program, which will return 0.5% back to the Society when our members purchase Amazon Smile items. Please follow this link for directions. If you have any questions or problems please contact Arlene Sampson at

Aluminum Can Recycling Fundraiser

Please crush/smash your aluminum cans if at all possible. If you're not sure if a can is aluminum, grab a small magnet. If it sticks to the can, IT'S NOT ALUMINUM. "Ensure" cans are not made up entirely of aluminum Please place in a separate bag. WVGS cannot recycle tin food cans. Bring cans to membership meeting. Please keep your cans over the summer and bring them to our September meeting.

Office Max and Staples

WVGS gets a percentage of what our members buy if they use the following numbers: Office Max #012748337, Staples #04050-4355-5, or use WVGS phone number 623-933-4945. We also get credit for used inkjet cartridges that we collect at the library. So please bring in any original manufactured empty cartridges.


Fry's Community Rewards Program

Please follow this link for instructions to enroll your Fry's V.I.P. card in the rewards program. If you have any questions or problems please contact