Photograph Scanning Service Being Offered at WVGS Library

Protect your photos, have them scanned to a CD.

Bob and Cathy Gallagher, WVGS Members, offer their professional services using a high speed scanner to scan to a CD all your precious photos and documents that you have accumulated. This special fundraising service is available for non-members as well as WVGS members.

Scanning dates set for August 24, September 28, October 26, November 23, December 21, 2014 between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm at the Library

This process will offer you:


1) The peace of mind of knowing your photos are safe from fire, water and other dangers.

2) The ability to easily share photos with family and friends.

3) A simple way to get your photos onto your computer and ready for Family Tree Maker, Legacy, etc.

4) Do this at a fraction of the time it takes with the flatbed scanner you may have at home.

The charge is .20 cents per photo that are scanned at the library to a CD.  Additional CD copies are $1. 

(Note, the retail average cost is .59 cents per scan plus a $5 CD charge.)

Special arrangements can be made for flat bed scanning of other photo items.

$0.75 ea for each tin type, photo on cardboard, very small and or fragile photo with torn edges

Album pages for $1.00 ea.

This scanning will be done by Bob or Cathy Gallagher at home.

Here are a few helpfull to get your photos ready for scanning:

1) Sort your photos by size, so they can easily be processed.

2) Once you have your CD of photos, you can put them on your computer.

    They can then be sorted into family or chronological folders.

3) Plan on 1 hour for each batch of 500 photos.

    Remember: one shoebox holds about 500 photos. 

4) Sign up on the sheet in the Library, or call the Library (623-933-4945) to make an appointment.

    To help us set your schedule, be prepared to indicate the number of photos you plan to bring.

5) Payment will be made to Bob or Cathy Gallagher at the end of your session.

    Cost is $.20 per photo, of which WVGS gets $.06.

6) Bring your photos, checkbook or cash, and don’t be late.

Do you still have questions? 

Contact Bob or Cathy at bobgallager@cox.netor call 623-266-1330